March 14, 2017 Meeting

***The February 14 Meeting was open to pastors of the Membership. Anyone could bring their minister to the meeting to enjoy lunch. The minister would be allocated a certain amount of time to speak about his/her church. We hope to do this again soon.***

The speaker for the March 14 meeting was Hampton Ray with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The discussion mostly centered on the I-95/I-295 Interchange Reconfiguration. This is supposed to improve traffic flow. During the question and answer session, Mr. Ray was asked about specific exits. Members voiced their concerns about safely maneuvering to get off the interstate. For example, the I-95/I-10 split has exits that go to the left.

The construction is beginning in November, 2016. It will take about four years to complete.

Rendering of the I-95/I-295 Reconfiguration




NBL.MARCH 2017.1
Hampton Ray with Past President, Ray Turner